Real Customer Reviews

Outstanding Service!

When I first arrived to drop my car off I was depressed from the accident and irritated that I was going to have to wait to have my car back. Napa Autocare Center made the process easy and was way quicker then I expected. – Rebecca M

Simple Repair

I had previously visited two body shops which stated to fix the dent in my hood they would need o replace it. Then I came to Napa Autocare Center, they told me the dent could be repaired by the right guy and their in house guy could have it done ASAP. Needless to say the cost was half the price and their service was amazing – Carlos

Easy Claims Process

When I first tried to call in a claim for my insurance they told me I needed to get the damage look at by and adjuster and I needed to drive 30 min away to meet theirs. When I called Napa Autocare Center they informed me they had a licensed claims adjust in house and would be able to handle everything there. – Cindy L

Paint That Lasts

I had previously paid a paint shop in town to paint the front fenders and hood on my SUV. This New Mexico sun had taken its toll and the clear coat was coming off. Not even one summer latter the clear coat stated to fade and peel. I decided to try out another company and Napa Autocare Center took care of the problem. Currently 2 years later and looks just as good as when I bought it – Miguel G

Friendly Staff

The team at Napa Autocare Collision Center are the nicest I have ever been too. From the moment I walked in to the point I picked my truck up I felt welcomed and that they cared. – Marcus H


I had looked around at multiple body and mechanic shops to possibly rebuild my old 73 Ford. When I came to Napa Autocare Collision Center I felt good that everything was done in house and not outsourced. They had my baby purring and looking beautiful with in a month. Would never trust another shop. – Rodney